We design stimulating, cosy and and contemporary furniture that revitalises workspaces from a humanist outlook inspired by the south.

Light, colour and warmth in a unique soft seating proposal.

We promote a humanist revolution in workspaces, bring shared spaces to life, become inhabitants instead of workers.

We are committed to a new working environment: human, contemporary and inclusive, in which meeting is more motivating and fruitful.

We want to design furniture that makes us more human, brings back conversations, promotes encounters that make their mark.

We want to inspire working environments, make them into living spaces in which we will contribute our light, colour and warmth to daily working life.

Furniture that inspires us to work as we live, that builds warm, human spaces with that Spanish timelessness where nothing is written but everything is felt.

A Pattio with a lot of what motivates use to motivate the market, to make the world turn again, to give things, people and Life their rhythm back,

and give them that hope, that SPARK that’s so unique to the South.


Sandra Meticulous, detail oriented and thorough at each join, each cut and upholstery, our products look perfect thanks to her.
Víctor For each fabric, one hand… and for each hand, a machine ready. With the perfect fabric and the warehouse hungry for more, always more.
María del Mar The future is shaped by her. Patterns that bring our products to life from the perfect mix of feasibility, functionality and creative decisions, that give each piece its quality and uniqueness.



Light sets us apart, that which teaches us that luminosity has an extraordinary power to awake conscience and creativity.


 That which transports us to places and tells us stories through an immense palette of finishes, materials and textures that give rise to an infinite varieties of designs, products and options. 


That which makes us feel we are where we want to be and which we exude when we listen, when we learn, when we approach others.