Movement, rhythm, life. A programme and as many contexts as conversations, sounds and ideas. Bika was created to combine life experiences and to lend a versatile approach to a great number of spaces, making them richer and more unique. Every day is different, unique, authentic

Design –– Ramos & Bassols

  • Características técnicas
    Technical characteristics
  • Catálogos
  • Imágenes
  • Certificados y uso & fin de vida
    Use and end of life
  • Acabados y tapicería
    Finishes and maintenance
  • Descarga de geometrías
  • AutoCAD
  • DXF
  • Certificados de Empresa
    Product certificate

Versatility and multi-functionality from two basic pieces.

An indoor & outdoor family with the option of customising the finish in polypropylene or upholstering it through an extremely resistant two-piece structure which nevertheless features a light and clean aesthetic, to ensure that space counts too.

A fresh and friendly aesthetic capable of adapting and lending any space that sparkle and agility so typical of the South.

And to do it in full colour or staking all on moving it later, stacking it and changing the course of things. Rotation spaces with a chair capable of maintaining the rhythm and leaving it all calm again afterwards thanks to its great stackability.

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