Elegance and firmness converge in this piece conceived to enhance the contexts of waiting and meeting between people.


A break to reconnect and get back into the swing of things.


Inspiring multifunctional and modular furniture capable of articulating spaces. The Libro bookcase, with its natural, fresh and minimalist design, lends the room a warm and distinguished personality, bringing harmony and serenity to the workplace.


Its elegant design lies in the simplicity of its forms and a noble concept, free of stridency.


Amivera is about more than just sitting back: it’s about discovering a new world of comfort and style.

ofas 2 plazas
sofas de dos plazas
sofas de 3 plazas 
Sillones de oficina
Bow Lounge

Design and people. A range of individual armchairs and double sofas incorporating a warm and a fresh design that is also capable of making meetings, reading, waiting or relaxation spaces more informal, dynamic, collaborative... More attractive.

Bow Lounge Table

Sociability, grace, recreation: names that adorn a low table concept selected to inspire airs of conviviality in waiting and relaxation areas, so as to set aside commitments and become a focus for attentiveness and hospitality.


Movement, rhythm, life. A programme and as many contexts as conversations, sounds and ideas. Bika was created to combine life experiences and to lend a versatile approach to a great number of spaces, making them richer and more unique. Every day is different, unique, authentic


Particles of colour, capable of blossoming in the most unexpected places, fill with comfort the casual moments of everyday routine.

Glove Lounge

 Glove Lounge receives you, picks you up while you wait and welcomes you to inspire you. It evades you, it disconnects you, it connects you. It accompanies you with variously arranged soft and welcoming shapes and volumes.


Inhabiting workspaces with added value that can generate synergies, promote socialisation and offer a more pleasant wait.


The exchange of idea represented better than ever is a piece that moves, that changes, that changes you.


 Spaces where everything is possible... Where you can understand that the best design is that which does not impede us and brings together areas, people, conversations, ideas.

Bow Chair

A collection of individual chairs that promote the creation of more formal meeting spaces, with intimate chairs for a position-desk that makes sharing and communication, teamwork, friendlier, closer, warmer.


Create without limits, whenever and wherever it may be. Thoroughly versatile pieces designed to accompany other products in the collection and thus to create much more agile spaces and areas for meeting and rest.


Forms and bodies with a flexible design that move and interact with you for whatever you need, for whatever you experience.