Bow Lounge

Design and people. A range of individual armchairs and double sofas incorporating a warm and a fresh design that is also capable of making meetings, reading, waiting or relaxation spaces more informal, dynamic, collaborative... More attractive.

Design –– Yonoh Studio

  • Características técnicas
    Technical characteristics
  • Catálogos
  • Imágenes
  • Certificados y uso & fin de vida
    Use and end of life
  • Acabados y tapicería
    Finishes and maintenance
  • Descarga de geometrías
  • AutoCAD
  • Certificados de Empresa
    Product certificate

Craftsmanship and innovation together.

A design that uses for- ging to enhance all the meaning behind each piece. An ancient and meticulous production sys- tem with current touches that lend Bow Lounge as a nod to what we are, what we feel and what we experience.

Geometric lines that merge with a free, organic, relaxing and ergonomic style.

A category that easily combines with the whole family of tables to create a softer space that favours conversation and the exchange of ideas, motivating our most creative side.

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