Amivera is about more than just sitting back: it’s about discovering a new world of comfort and style.

Design –– Jorge Herrera

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    Technical characteristics
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  • Certificados y uso & fin de vida
    Use and end of life
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    Finishes and maintenance
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A harmony of geometric volumes

Calm and order as protagonist spaces. A universe where design becomes a bridge to authenticity and personal unity.

Conversations transformed into refuge and encounters into enriching experiences

Crafted as if it were a piece of art, Amivera manages to envelop its surrounding space in a welcoming aura, imbued with Andalusian beauty.

Meticulousness in one, two, and three-seater sofas

With a detailed chromatic range of fabrics and a metal structure, they bring light, color, and warmth to areas such as hotels and offices, as well as commercial and reception/waiting areas.

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