Glove Lounge

 Glove Lounge receives you, picks you up while you wait and welcomes you to inspire you. It evades you, it disconnects you, it connects you. It accompanies you with variously arranged soft and welcoming shapes and volumes.

Design –– Josep Lluscà

  • Características técnicas
    Technical characteristics
  • Catálogos
  • Imágenes
  • Certificados y uso & fin de vida
    Use and end of life
  • Acabados y tapicería
    Finishes and maintenance
  • Descarga de geometrías
  • AutoCAD
  • Certificados de Empresa
    Product certificate

A family of armchairs and tables that encourages collaboration between people.

Environments that foster creativity, relaxing spaces for creative work and concentration that are full of that comfort and well-being capable of inspiring communication and relationships between people and their team.

Endless possibilities that blend harmoniously into any space.

And they thus redefine it over and over again, encouraging fluid relationships between the team. It combines colours, materials and designs of legs and structures to achieve the comfortable, friendly atmosphere you seek.

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